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My website does not help my business

New technologies and devices using new technologies are happening every day. Search engines scores are based on what is happening now not 3 years ago.

Your old website most likely is salvageable and much of your content is still usable. Updating is always an option but not always. Many times it is cheaper to build a new website and convert your content than to try and salvage what you have. Call us today for your free review and analysis.

Learn more about how you can improve your search engine scores and potentially reach new groups with relatively high incomes.

Structured Data Language

Helping search engines learn about your company.

Search engines rely on automated software agents that categorizes your website. To gather better data, a framework called Schema was devised. Schema is data modeling using a structured data language .

Website incorporating schema get better search results.

Updating Your Website for New Touch Devices

Touch screens are everywhere but touch optimized websites are not.

From making navigation difficult to impossible, non-functional forms or just plain not working at all, visitors quickly become frustrated and leave your website.

Websites that are touch screen optimized get better results.

Nowdays, Visitor Expect a Rich Experience

Many common website functions such as a button changing colors when your mouse moves over it, are combined and packaged together into what is called a plug-in. This really helps developers so we don't have to write the same code over and over.

As website technology has become more sophisticated, new functionality has been added to these plug-ins. Websites that don't have updated plug-ins with designs taking advantage of these new functions look like antiques to visitors.

Phones, Tablets and Desktop/Laptops

You see them everywhere, phone in hand. They are on the Internet on websites designed for their mobile devices. If your website is not designed for current technology, mobile visitors will go elsewhere.

Responsive websites get better results.